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Media Solutions is a production company located in Central Pennsylvania offering a variety of high-end production services including audio and video recording, editing and post-production. From a fully-equipped television studio to mobile production trucks, Media Solutions has the equipment and experience to make media easy for you.
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Internet Marketing


How can you be heard if you are just one of literally billions of voices online?

Media Solutions can help your signal stand out from the noise.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s easy to be found when everyone knows where to find you. Proper SEO involves fine-tuning the message of your site to target the words, phrases, and ideas that you want it associated with by search engines. The trick is in isolating the ideal content targets based on the overall landscape in your industry…the obvious choices may not actually provide the best return on investment. Media Solutions can do the research, implement the plan, and get people knocking down your front door.

Social Media Marketing

It’s easy to be heard when you’re talking with people that want to listen. Strategic use of modern social media platforms can quickly connect you to an active community of current and potential customers, targeting your message to those most likely to listen and respond. Media Solutions can assist with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and several other platforms to spread your message and get folks talking about and visiting your site.

Search Engine Marketing

When you don’t have any time to waste, running sponsored link advertisements with the major search engines can quickly drive traffic back to your site. Media Solutions can help you plan and budget your advertising campaign, create and place ads with Google and Bing, and monitor their progress to make sure you’re not simply throwing money away.

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