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Media Solutions is a production company located in Central Pennsylvania offering a variety of high-end production services including audio and video recording, editing and post-production. From a fully-equipped television studio to mobile production trucks, Media Solutions has the equipment and experience to make media easy for you.
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Streaming / live broadcast made easy


Our portfolio of Streaming Services enables you to broadcast yourself live to the world. With a variety of delivery methods available including pure audio streams, traditional video webcasts, and cutting edge telepresence sessions, Media Solutions will help deliver your message directly to a global audience.

In addition to live streams, we also have extensive experience with building effective online archives to cater to your audience’s individual needs and provide for on-demand access.  If you’re having trouble reaching or building that audience, or if you need a private broadcast limited to a select few participants, we make all of that easy too.

We connect you with your audience.

Streaming Applications

  • Audio Podcasts
  • Internet Radio
  • Open or Private Meetings
  • Ceremonies or Public Events
  • Distance Learning

Streaming Audio allows you to broadcast live to the online and mobile world from either the Media Solutions studios or almost any location of your choice.

Ideal for public or private events, ceremonies, or educational activities, video streaming is an easy way to share your event with a global audience.

When you need fully immersive high-definition participation between several remote locations, telepresence is your answer.


Demo Reel

Media Solutions‘ demo reel consisting of a mix of recent projects we've created for our amazing clients. Check it out to see what we can do.


MindMatters delivers a monthly series of intellectually stimulating lectures by knowledgeable presenters on topics of most interest to older adults.

PSBA Focus

PSBA’s video series relaying information of importance to school directors and public school entities.

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