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Media Solutions is a production company located in Central Pennsylvania offering a variety of high-end production services including audio and video recording, editing and post-production. From a fully-equipped television studio to mobile production trucks, Media Solutions has the equipment and experience to make media easy for you.
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Interactive / web savvy solutions


Taking your business, your organization, or even yourself online is no longer a difficult proposition. Simply sketch out a few ideas, write a few sentences, find a website company, grab a domain name, and launch. You might not even need the professional help. It’s that simple.

But chances are you don’t merely want to be online. You want to succeed online. You want to execute your strategy and meet your goals. You want to have actionable data about performance, traffic, audience and sales. You want to know that every single dollar and minute invested in the project is paying for itself several times over.

Whether your mission is to make the world a better place, to make your world a wealthier place, or all of the above, achieving that success can be extremely difficult.

We make it easy.

Media Solutions has extensive experience with creating content-driven sites, from traditional blogs to multimedia experiences featuring rich audio and video.

How can you be heard if you are just one of literally billions of voices online? Media Solutions can help your signal stand out from the noise.

Despite the immense popularity of the online world, offline media often still serves a strategic method for information distribution.


Demo Reel

Media Solutions‘ demo reel consisting of a mix of recent projects we've created for our amazing clients. Check it out to see what we can do.

Getting Covered Guide

Media Solutions designed and developed the look and feel of the Getting Covered: The Affordable Care Act in PA guide.


MindMatters delivers a monthly series of intellectually stimulating lectures by knowledgeable presenters on topics of most interest to older adults.

Success Stories Wall

Media Solutions created an interactive wall for success stories to help promote Transforming Health's content in a dynamic and interactive way.


Media Solutions designed and developed the look and feel of the, the website of WITF, central Pennsylvania's public television and radio station.